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Important info for European Customers

Changes have been made to legislation regards the importanting and exporting of goods between our countries. This may require you to pay import duties or VAT on the books you receive. At the moment it is unclear whether this applies to all countries or just those who actuall charge VAT on books. If you are in any doubt please check with your local tax office, who are hopefully better informed then the tax offic ein the UK who are unable to give me any clear indications on this. We will continue to apply UK VAT to all orders, currently 0% for books in the hope it will nullify any VAT for overseas customers but this cannot be guaranteed.

Available for advance order

Several publishers have just announced some important books due late summer early autum which are likely to be sold out prior to publication so an advance order may be necessary to secure a copy.

First up is the new book from Michael Kenna, Northern England 1983-1986, Kenna has used the lockdown to re-examine images from early in his career w2here he returned to his homeland in Englands Lancashire and neighbouring Yorkshire, many of these images have not been published before. It was some of these early Kenna images that first made me aware of his work, when they were published in a UK photographic magazine in the mid 1980's and I have been follwing his work ever since.

Available in three formats the regular edition limited to 3000 copies will still be availble when the book is published, there is a special signed and numbered edition in a slipcase limited to just 100 copies There is also deluxe edition limited to just 25 copies numbered, signed, and presented in a custom clamshell box with a toned, gelatin silver print of the front cover image, printed from the original negative by Michael Kenna, matted and mounted on archival board. If you want either the Special or deluxe edition you will need to place an advance order to aviod disappointment. Books are expected in September.

We are also taking advance order for the forthcoming Mack printing of one of the most sought after Japanses photography book of all time Kikuji Kawanda's Chizu (The Map). Unlike previos Editions this Mack edition is a facsmilie of the unique original two-volume maquette founding in the holdings of the New York Public Library. Two hardback books, each with a jacket, plus one paperback booklet with leporello fold. Housed in a buckram bound hardback slipcase, protected in a printed cardboard mailer (Bilingual: English, Japanese). Signed copies are available although thay are likely to sell out on advance orders.

Back in Print Larry Sultan's critically acclaimed Pictures from Home, is expected in August available to advance order..

New titles in stock

We have a few signed copies of Stephen Gill's latest book Please Notify the Sun, the book contains some beautiful which could be surreal landscapes or other abstractimages but are infact images taken from the insides of a dead and decaying fish. As with any other of Gill's books, this was planned as a complete project from catching the fish himself to importing the paper stock from Japan, and shipping it by Sea to the printers to link the paper with the sea from which the fish had come. The resulting images some of Stephen's best images to date. We are down to our last few copies of Hackney Wick, Stephen ever the perfectionist had graded this as a slight second as there is a very slight miss-alignment of the cover graphics on the binding, beleive me this is negligable and I have seen a lot of copies of this book over the years, available signed or unsigned.

We now have in stock the first eight editions so far printed in the L'Atelier Risographic series. Limited to just 200 copies these soft bound books from French Publisher Bressard Editions quickly become out of print. Printed in Monochrom each of this inexpensive books contains the work of a single photographer, printed on heavy uncoated A3 paper folded and stapled with a coloured soft card cover. The Risographic process is a cross between offset lithography and photocopier, a master copy is made from the artwork which is then wrapped around the monochrom ink drum, the inked is then pushed through the master stencil onto the flat paper passing through the machine. The very nature of the process means that they may contain minor blemishes

In 1986, the American artist Judith Black was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship with the intention of documenting a cross-country road trip with her four children. Unlike Robert Frank’s iconic Guggenheim-funded road trip 30 years earlier, Black’s mission was much more intimate. Rather than documenting America, her intention was to photograph her children, friends, and family as she traversed the country. Her itinerary included stops in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and various sights along the way. in this recently plublished 250mm square book Also in stock from the same publisher we have Jim Goldberg's Fingerprint a box of facsimilie poloriods from Goldbergs Raised by Wolves project, many of these images have never been seen before, Trent Park's Crinson Line, Opening the Sky by Larry Fink, Massimos Leardini LVF (River), Susan Kandel's At Home and Paul McDonough's Headed West

The latest books in the One Picture Book Two series, with books by Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, John Humble and Carrie Mae Weems each of these books are limited to just 500 numbered copies and contain a 5" x 7" print signed on the verso. If you purchase as a complete set of four books each set has its own slipcase.

Also Still available are signed copies of Stephen Shores Steel Town and also Transparentcies ans a few signed copies of Paul Grahams Beyond Caring and A1: The great North Road.

A Selection of other titles