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New Titles in Stock

With used copies of the first printing of William Eggleston's Chromes selling for between £900-£2500, it is a good opportunity to purchase our last copy of the second printing available at the pre order price. This is the long-awaited reprint of this slip cased three book set comes ten years after the first printing. Edited from over 5,000 Kodachromes and Ektachromes in Eggleston's original archive that had once been used by John Szarkowski who selected the 75 images for MOMA's ground breaking 1976 exhibition, of which 48 images were published in Eggleston's seminal book William Eggleston's Guide, the rest of the archive has remained almost entirely unpublished until Chromes.

Published to mark the 200th anniversary of Francis Frith's birth in October 1822, "A Grand Spell of Sunshine" is the account of the life and the extraordinary photographic legacy of this remarkable and visionary photographer which is now recognised as a photographic collection of national significance. Julie Skinner has spent nearly 20 years as manager of the photo library researching Frith's photographs and life building a factually accurate account of Frith's life and travels, correcting some misinformation in earlier works about him. extensively researching Frith's own journals and letters held in the archive and private collections, this is an extensive insight into the life of this extraordinary photographer and his photographic vision. we have SIGNED copies available.

Since 2014, Alessandra Sanguinetti has been returning to the small town of Black River Falls in Wisconsin, creating the photographs that would come to form the stark and elliptical series Some Say Ice. The same town is the subject of Wisconsin Death Trip, a book of photographs taken by Charles Van Schaick in the late 1800s documenting the bleak hardships of the lives and deaths of its inhabitants. Sanguinetti first came across this book as a child, and the experience is engraved into her memory as her first reckoning with mortality. This encounter eventually led her to explore the strange relationship of photography and death, and ultimately to make her own visits to Black River Falls. The austere, sculptural scenes and ambiguous, uneasy portraits that make up Some Say Ice depict a place almost outside of time. Presented unadorned by text or explication, the photographs are touched with the spirit of the gothic as well as the unmistakable tenderness familiar from Sanguinetti's series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda. Hardcover available SIGNED.

In her new Book Talia Chetrit references a wide range of photographic tropes and traditions, and studies the power dynamics between photographer and subject as they spar and collude. "JOKE" deals in high humour and deadly seriousness, plunging us into a world in which social roles are inverted, norms are examined, judgements of taste and value are suspended, and everything coalesces, dead and alive, true and false, sincere and affected. We have a few SIGNED copies of this new hardback.

In the wake of the Second World War, aiming to occupy the children rampaging streets and parks, the City of Amsterdam founded Jongensland, a space where boys (and the occasional, officially disallowed girl) could play, build, create, and destroy, largely without supervision. Located on an island accessible only by rowboat, Jongensland grew into a sprawling settlement built experimentally from scrap materials by its young inhabitants. Here, children would cook food, raise animals, build fires, and trade with each other. Without adult intervention, they relied on shared resourcefulness and collaborative ingenuity. In 1969, when the architectural photographer Ursula Schulz-Dornburg moved to Düsseldorf with her two young children, she discovered Jongensland the other side of the border from Germany's strictly regulated playgrounds. Fascinated by the improvised buildings where her children would play, she made extensive photographs capturing them being constructed, used, demolished, and reshaped. Her images capture an intuitive architectural intelligence and capture a genre of vernacular construction with its own conventions and innovations, one which illuminates the role of imagination in defining a building's identity and purpose. This book presents Schulz-Dornburg's largely unseen series alongside an ex­tended alongside an extended essay by architectural historian Tom Wilkinson reflecting on the architectural themes and lessons Jongensland continues to offer. -- SIGNED copies are available.

Effie Paleologou's "Tales of Estrangement" This collection evokes a mysterious and fragmented cityscape of two places London and Athens, both of which artist Effie Paleologou has come to regard as almost home. Working nocturnally, when identities become blurred and indeterminate, Paleologou conjures a third fictional staging that she has become all the more attached to. Her images are infused with a sense of the familiar but are equally beholden to the states of uncertainty and vulnerability that arise in alternative realities. Stripped of inhabitants this hybrid city appears silent yet strangely resonant. Paleologou offers a modern mapping of transitory and liminal spaces. She is drawn to train stations, hotels, carparks, seaports and airports, sites in which encounters, departures, disappearances, and endings unfold perpetually. Shadows and artificial light cast across urban geometries reveal phantasmagoric scenes and uncanny moods. If this is home, there is a restless theatre at play too. Alienation and belonging belong together here. With essays by Brian Dillon and Iain Sinclair. -- SIGNED copies are available.

In the early 1960s, working in the streets on North Eastern American Cities, Heath used its inhabitants to capture individual moments in tightly structured compositions that are charged with the importance of their individuality and the seriousness of their situation. This new book reproduces Heath's original prints, many of which only exist as individual work prints, with beautiful precision. Heath's 1965 book “A Dialogue with Solitude” which reflected his own troubled up bringing was originally received with mixed reviews but has since received the acclaim it deserved reprinted in 200 and 2018, it is mentioned in the Parr/Badger History of Photography Vol. 2.

“In the middle of a December night a few years ago I was woken by the phone ringing downstairs. Nothing ever good comes of such a call and this time it was news that my younger brother had been admitted to hospital, and the doctor caring for him had rung to say he thought it unlikely he would live through the night. I drove to see him and sat with him through the early hours, in the eerie quiet of the emergency ward, until late in the morning when it appeared he would pull through.” “When I got home that afternoon I decided to go for a walk by the river. As the dark of the dusk gradually gathered I sat on a log to sift through the thoughts and emotions of the day. Gradually I became absorbed in what was in front of me; the turbulence of the streams surface as the water raced around the bend, the waving of the reeds and the branches of the overhanging tree, and the pink of the clouds being pushed across the sky by a south-westerly breeze. When mallard ducks pushed out from the bank to swim across the river in search of a safe haven for the night, I picked up the small digital camera I had just started to use and quickly took a picture.” "In the middle of another night, a couple of years after the first call, the phone rang again, with the same message. I went off to the hospital once more to sit by Andy's side, however that time he did not make it through. As I write this on the cusp of the Spring Equinox in 2021, I have just come to the end of another season by the river The Fifth Winter. It is hard to stop, such are the profound pleasures of witnessing and sharing the quiet wonders of a winter's morning, on a bend in the river. ”- Jem Southam

Jack Lueders-Booth's The Orange Line is a tenderly produced archive of a community that lived and worked along the southern route of Boston Public Transportation's Orange Line: an antiquated, clattering, overhead railway that was constructed in 1901. The pavement vibrating din of this deteriorating railway, its unsightliness, its increasing crime rate, and its inefficiency depressed property values in the neighbourhoods that it served. An unintended consequence was affordable housing for this largely low-income population. In 1985, the southern section of the Orange Line was scheduled for demolition and rerouting, which seeded fears of rising rents, possible displacement, and the loss of public transportation to metropolitan Boston. Change seemed imminent, and displacement probable. “These photographs were made in the interest of preserving some record of the people who lived and worked along the southern stretch of Boston's Orange Line.” - Jack Lueders-Booth

"Do you know the land where lemons trees bloom, Where oranges glow like gold in a dark leafy gloom…" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1796 SONATA is an extensive body of photographic work made by Aaron Schuman in Italy over the past four years. Rather than attempting to capture and convey an objective reality, these images are consciously filtered through the many ideas, fascinations, and fantasies associated with the country and what it has represented in the imaginations of those countless traveller's who have visited it over the course of centuries. Drawing inspiration from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Italian Journey (1786-1788), Schuman pursues and studies what Goethe described as "sense-impressions", reiterating many of the introspective questions that Goethe asked himself during his own travels through Italy. -- SIGNED copies are available.

Evidence is a limited edition artist's book brings together digital collages and manipulated photographs by painter James White based on the celebrated and hugely influential series Evidence by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan. In Evidence, Sultan and Mandel drew on the archives of more than a hundred US government agencies, finding surreal narrative suggestions in deadpan images that were intended as functional documents, upending and interrogating the documentary natures they espoused. The book has been a continual reference for the grayscale photographic paintings for which James White has become known. In this volume, White pays tribute to Sultan and Mandel's project by further undermining the evidentiary nature of the photographic medium through a process of intervention and painterly gesture which disrupts and reconstitutes the images’ mercurial surfaces. -- SIGNED copies are available.

We have received the latest books in the Nazraeli One Picture Books 2, available as individual books or as a slip cased set of all four books. Each title is limited to just 500 copies each book is numbered and contains a small signed print. The Hardback books are aprrox 15cm x 21.5cm. Titles in this set are Bent Tree - Mark Steinmetz, Black SUn - Jo Ann Callis, Ca Va Aller - Joana Choumali, Peyote - Pablo Ortiz Monasterio.

Just a heads up we have a couple of rare and out of print titles from Todd Hido and Michael Kenna we have only single copies of very low levels of stock remaining.

Recent Additions Still available


Wes have a few SIGNED copies of the new Alex Soth Book "GATHERED LEAVES: ANNOTATED" which following on from the bestselling box set Gathered Leaves, published to accompany Alec Soth's touring exhibition which opened in London in 2015, this unique publication brings together five of Soth's major books in their entirety in a single, compact, and densely detailed volume. Across more than 700 pages of newsprint, Soth updates and reimagines the original version of Gathered Leaves by reproducing every spread from these five books with detailed annotations in the form of notes, text extracts, and additional photographs. This new roadmap through Soth's oeuvre also includes a new introduction by the artist.

"VENICE" is the new book from London based photographer Giacomo Bunnelli, his first self published book following a string of other successful books for other publishers. Two and a half years in the making, Brunelli embarked upon this project in response to the fragility of the city after the exceptional November 2019 "Acqua Alta". The photographer has always been fascinated by the city of Venice, by its uniqueness, its fragility and vulnerability. In 2021, he managed to spend a few months there to complete the project, photographing this city built on more than 100 islands, no streets or cars just bridges, canals and water. This book represent the cities timeless beauty and elegance.

Shooting in black and white with a Miranda camera from the 60s which once it belonged to his father, Brunelli tries to give new life to what we have daily in front of our eyes. When he photographed "LONDON" the city where he lives, he tells a story of a timeless and dreamlike city through the details of everyday life he did the same with "The ANIMALS", "NEW YORK" and "HAMBURG". Brunelli likes to tell the mysteries surrounding everyday things He uses black and white as a form of expression, as a fan of silver gelatin printing he finds the black and white elegant, direct and in line with the type of emotions home want to convey. This 22.5cm x 22.5cm leatherbound hardcover is available SIGNED.

"Troubled Land" completes the trio of Paul Grahams 1980s books republished by Mack ("A1, THE GREAT NORTH ROAD" and "BEYOND CARING"), with original copies hard to come by and commanding high prices, these beautifully produced books offer the collector an oppotunity to aquire Graham's important early works. An iconic project made at the height of the "Troubles", Troubled Land deals with the small but insistent signs of political division embedded in the landscape of Northern Ireland. At the heart of the Irish conflict lays the land — who owns it, who controls it, whose history it expresses. Paul Graham's quietly radical book keeps this material truth in mind as it uniquely combines landscape and conflict photography, seducing us with bucolic views in which telling details only gradually appear: painted kerbs, distant soldiers or helicopters, flags and graffiti, paint-splattered roads, each tacitly aligning that location to its Republican or Loyalist allegiance. Pastoral photographs of green fields and hedgerows reveal themselves to be images of conflict and dispute — despite the steadiness of the photographic frame and the clarity of Graham's vision, this is unsettled land. -- SIGNED Copies of ALL three Mack First Editions are available.

Justine Kurland's "SCUMB MANIFESTO"Inspired by Valerie Solanas' iconoclastic feminist tract SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, SCUMB Manifesto introduces us to photographer Justine Kurland#s own uncompromising initiative: the Society for Cutting Up Men's Books. This volume presents a collection of collages Kurland created by cutting up and reconfiguring photobooks by male artists, as she went through the process of purging her own library of roughly 150 books by straight white men that have monopolized the photographic canon. The nature of collage — heterogeneous, pulled apart, shape shifting, disrupted, cyborg, fantasy — has long made it a feminist strategy in life and in art. Kurland's ritual is restorative and loving: each work is a reclamation of history; a dismemberment of the patriarchy; a gender inversion of the usual terms of possession; and a modest attempt at offsetting a life of income disparity. While markedly different in style, the defiant female visions pictured in these compositions are a continuation of those depicted in Kurland's earlier photographic projects. -- SIGNED copies are available.

"THE DEVIL IS LEAVING HIS CAVE" In 1990, a year before the Zapatistas' armed revolt, Wendy Ewald was invited to conduct photography classes for Mayan, Ladino, and Tzotzil children living in Chiapas, the southernmost province of Mexico. The sponsoring organization was the Mayan writers' cooperative, Sna Jtz-ibajom (The House of the Writers). While cameras and camcorders were hardly novelties in Chiapas, they were generally used by tourists whose picture-taking reinforced their own cultural biases. Ewald did not take pictures; instead she guided her students in taking their own pictures of their daily lives, dreams, desires, and fantasies. These briefs resonated with the importances held by dreams in Mayan culture, which considers them as real as waking life. The resulting project, The Devil is leaving his Cave, is a unique insight into the everyday realities of life in Mayan communities just before the devastation of the Zapatista uprising. This book brings together Ewald's original project with new work made in collaboration with fifteen young Mexican Americans living in Chicago, coordinated with the help of Centro Romero, an immigrant service organisation. These images respond to many of the same subjects as those by Ewald's 1990s students, with an emphasis now on capturing inner lives and dreams as a way of reckoning with the unvoiced experiences of immigration.

"PLEASE SEND TO REAL LIFE" A widely connected pioneer of Pop and mail art, Ray Johnson was described as "New York's most famous unknown artist." Best known for his dense, allusive collages, he stopped exhibiting in 1991, but his output did not diminish. Between 1992 and 1994, using 137 disposable cameras, he created a large body of work that is only now coming to light. Staging his artworks in settings near his home in Locust Valley, Long Island — parking lots, sidewalks, beaches, cemeteries — Johnson made photographs that make the world of everyday "real life" a part of his art. Within a few months, he devised a large new freestanding format for the simplified collages he began calling the "movie stars" of his camera tableaux. When he swam to his death at sea on 13 January 1995, Johnson left behind a vast archive that included over three thousand of the late photographs. What he called his 'new career as a photographer,' which makes its debut in print here, marked the close of a romance with the camera that had spanned four decades of relentless invention.


"AUGUST" In the early 1990s Collier Schorr began working on and off in Southern Germany, compiling a documentary and fictional portrait of a small town inhabited by historical apparitions. Combining the overlapping roles of war photographer, traveling portraitist, anthropologist, and family historian, Schorr tells the interwoven stories of a place and time determined by memory, nationalism, war, emigration, and family. August employs Polaroids made by Schorr in Schwäbisch Gmünd and in this period to explore the liminal space of images that were never intended to persist beyond the immediate moment. Looking back some twenty years, August both historicises the work and examines the devices of making, revealing the mistakes in attempting to merge contemporary Germans into their past, implicitly exposing the distance between artist and subject, and between the subject and costumes. -- SIGNED copies are available.

"BEAUTIFUL, STILL" is the first monograph from photographer Colby Deal, documenting the people, objects, and environments of everyday life in the Third Ward neighbourhood in Houston, Texas, where the artist grew up. In this ongoing project, currently consisting of over a thousand negatives, Deal sets out to provide a visual record of overlooked communities and the cultural characteristics gradually being erased by gentrification, as well as a depiction of communities of colour whose members are often portrayed with negative connotations. Through these instinctive black-and-white photographs, Deal’s down-to-earth approach to his subjects is made apparent; at times candid and blurred, other times poised and sharply focussed, the series builds to convey the dynamism and vibrancy of family, community, and individual life in the Third Ward. -- SIGNED copies are available.

"CONTACT HIGH" is both an artist's book and comprehensive inquisition of D'Angelo Lovell Williams's work to date, Contact High offers an expansive engagement with the visualisation of desire and depiction of the Black body. Williams's narrative images reflect the many forms in which Black queer people exist and have existed historically within each other's lives, picturing them as sitters, lovers, caregivers, or shadows. Williams's work is guided by their life experience and an interrogation of their own perspective, as well as wider questions around the representation of race, class, sexuality, gender, and intimacy. The title Contact High references the importance of touch and gesture in Williams's work, and alludes to heightened senses and intuitive movement. -- SIGNED copies are available.

Two books from Mack's DISCOURSE series of small books in which a cultural theorist, curator or artist explores a theme, an artwork or an idea in an extended text. "Indeterminacy: Thoughts on Time, the Image, and Race(ism)", is a series of written exchanges, David Campany and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa consider the options for photography in resisting the oppressive orthodoxies of racial capital, conservative history, and neoliberal visual culture. How does the essential indeterminacy of photography square with the need to work out alternative practices? How is visibility achieved beyond the consensual categories of the mass media and the commodification of art? What models are there for the making and reception of photographic books and exhibitions that might cultivate an active spectatorship beyond boutique consumerism? These urgent questions and more are discussed in a spirit of speculation and possibility, in the light of signal events that have shaped the recent past.

Written by a psychoanalyst and a violin maker, Uneasy Listening is a dialogue between two very different kinds of professional listener: the former working with speech, the latter with musical instruments. Beginning as total strangers, Anouchka Grose and Robert Brewer Young embark on an engaging, entertaining, and winding meditation on communication that weaves together wide-ranging references from across psychoanalytic theory, philosophy, contemporary politics and culture. As they discuss the differences, similarities, and resonances between their practices, they run up against some of the illuminating difficulties of dialogue itself. The result is a kind of awkward duet in which two thinkers and practitioners accommodate, interrupt, and perplex each other in an attempt to say something about what listening means.

Other books in the Discourse Series are "Migrant Mother, Migrant Gender" by Sally Stein reconsiders Dorothea Lange's iconic portrait of maternity and modern emblem of family values in light of Lange's long-overlooked "Padonna" pictures and proposes that 'Migrant Mother' should in fact be seen as a disruptive image of women's conflictual relation to home, and the world.

These are just a few examples of books in stock all are new and in perfecdt condition unless marked otherwise. Browse titles below or search for a specific book of author in the search box above or simpley search authors/photographers by the first letter of their family name.

We have a few signed copies left of of Alec Soth's "A POUND OF PICTURES", a stream-of-consciousness celebration of the photographic medium, bringing together an entirely new collection of work by Alec Soth made between 2018 and 2021. Depicting a sprawling array of subjects — from Buddhist statues and birdwatchers to sun-seekers and busts of Abe Lincoln — this book reflects on the photographic desire to pin down and crystallise experience, especially as it is represented and recollected by printed images. Each book contains five randomised replica vernacular photographs loosely inserted within the pages. There is also a limited edition of 300 copies which comes with a 10 x * signed and numbered inkjet print; and 5 original unique vernacular prints selected by Soth from his personal collection and inserted into the book, all housed in a printed cardboard box held together with coloured rubberbands. This limited edition is already Out of Print.

In "LOOK AT ME LIKE YOU LOVE ME", Jess T. Dugan reflects on desire, intimacy, companionship, and the ways our identities are shaped by these experiences. In this highly personal collection of work, Dugan brings together self-portraits, portraits of individuals and couples, and still lifes, interwoven with diaristic writings reflecting on relationships, solitude, family, loss, healing, and the transformations that define a life. ---Signed Copies Available---

"MARVEL" describes the journey of Marvel Harris' personal battles with mental illness, self-love, acceptance, and gender identity, all told through a searing collection of self-portraits spanning the course of five years. These photographs present a new-found visual language; a tool with which Marvel was able to express those emotions that, on account of his autism, he previously struggled to make sense of. “At first the focus of my project was my gender transition, but along the way I found out that it's about an ongoing search for myself: being a human with feelings, who is continuously developing.” — Marvel Harris. ---Signed Copies Available---

With his last three books quickly going out of print and commanding high collectable prices Gerry Johanssons new book "SPAINISH SUMMER" is certainly worth consideration. Spanish Summer sees him return to one of the first places that captured his imagination: the plains of central Spain. The chapel remained etched into Johansson's memory and, decades later, led him to return and rediscover the country's architectural heritage, religious significance, and beauty. With these images, a survey is conducted of a landscape into which thousands of years of cultural traces have bedded down. Johansson's exacting composition and delicate black-and-white tonalities reveal a transient territory in which telephone wires transcend hoary crucifixes, modern plaster meets timeworn stone, and the shadows of industrial megaliths reach blindly across the dust. ---Signed Copies Available---

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