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Stock updates on Instagram

Due to a minor family emergency we will be closed until the weekend 20th July you cant still order but books will not be despatched until Monday 22nd July.

It has been a while since the last newsletter and a lot of stock has come and gone, I am now using instagram for new arrivals and to highlight offers, advance orders and stockroom gems please follow my instagram page to get more regular updates @phototitles_uk.

Import Charges for Overseas Customers

Overseas customers should be aware that your purchases may incur local import duties and tax, levied by your government. Payment of these charges is upon receipt and the responsibility of the purchaser. To find out how much these charges may be, you need to contact your local authority. Where possible I if known I will add the country of origin for a book to hopefully help to lessen duties.

Some Recent Stock additions

Paul Hart's latest body of work Fragile (2020-23) is a personal reflection on nature and was made in the landscape close to his home in England. The aesthetic is rooted in the notion of a heightened awareness of the natural world, of both a physical engagement and spiritual connection to the land. Whilst becoming absorbed in this instinctual, visceral approach, Hart has become acutely aware of both the physical beauty and delicate vulnerability of these natural forms. Although concerns of the environment and sustainability are present throughout, Fragile departs from the central study of place usually associated with his work, to evoke a more abstract ethereal sensibility. We have signed copies in stock as well as both copies of the print edition which includes a signed book and a signed and numbered 10 x 8 giclée printed on Hahnemuhle Photorag Pearl.

Michaels Kenna's latest book documents Kenna's decades-long love affair with the Japan. This gorgeous new monograph presents 100 of Michael Kenna's most iconic photographs of the Japanese landscape, many published here for the first time. A perfect pairing of artist and subject, these photographs of Japan comprise perhaps Kenna's best known body of work, Kenna first visited Japan in 1987 on the event of his inaugural exhibition there, and he has returned dozens of times and made thousands of photographs throughout the country's vast and incredibly varied landscape. His earlier monographs Japan and Hokkaido have been out of print for many years, so this is an oppotunity to revisit new images.

American photographer Mark Steinmetz photographed the people and environs of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport between 2012 and 2019 as part of the High Museum of Art's Picturing the South series, a photographic archive that examines a range of themes specific to the American South. The 64 black-and-white images in ATL emphasize “the quiet transitional moments in this liminal world,” writes curator Gregory J. Harris in the volume's introduction. Steinmetz captures “the more introspective moments” of travel in and out of the world's most heavily trafficked airport and includes travelers of all ages “leaving one chapter of their lives and going to another,” as the artist stated in a 2019 interview at the museum. Airline pilots, ground personnel, flight attendants, and janitors are also pictured, always working, often waiting; they share a space with the travelers but remain apart.

Verdigris / Ambergris completes a twelve-year suite of works by Paul Graham focused on life's transience and our mortality. This pair of sibling books is centered on people scanning the infinite horizon as they look out over land (Verdigris) and sea (Ambergris). Interleaved with these contemplative portraits in the first volume are images of cherry blossoms and in the second images of the setting sun. These photographs are made respectively in a park overlooking post-industrial New Jersey, in which Graham has worked for the past seven years, and along the northern coast of Long Island, where there is a long tradition of watching the setting sun. With this dazzling new series, Graham embraces the flaws of his tools to evoke the transience of life, its bountiful wonder, and the degradation and demise inexorably bound to beauty. The two hardback books come housed in an embossed slipcase Signed by the artist.

We have just one copy remaining of the luxurious special edition celebrates Richard Billingham's revelatory new edition of Ray's a Laugh, one of the most significant photobooks in the history of the form. It presents a signed first MACK edition of the book, housed in an embossed linen slipcase completed by a tipped-in portrait of Ray, alongside a signed and numbered hand-made print in a card sleeve. First published in 1996 to enormous acclaim, Richard Billingham's Ray's a Laugh is one of the most significant photobooks of the turn of the twentieth century, as well as a cornerstone work of the Young British Artists generation. Formed of starkly intimate images of Billingham's often chaotic parental home under the heavy effects of alcoholism and poverty, the book was produced in the 1990s with editors Michael Collins and Julian Germain. This new edition restores Billingham's original vision for his deeply personal work for the first time.
We still have a few signed editions of the regular edition in stock.

Mack have also produced a reader which traces the history of a body of work which remains as vital and provocative as on its first release, and whose story tells us much about the workings of art, publishing, and the politics of dissemination. Editor Liz Jobey charts the history in a new essay drawing on interviews with Billingham and all the primary protagonists of the work's emergence, including Michael Collins, Julian Germain, and Paul Graham. This is followed by an extensive selection of conversations and essays from 1996 to the present day, by writers including Charlotte Cotton, Gordon Burn, Lynn Barber, and Jim Lewis. Published to coincide with the release of a new edition of Ray's a Laugh restoring Billingham's original vision for the book.

I Carry Her Photo With Me, Lindokuhle Sobekwa began this project after finding a family portrait with his sister Ziyanda's face cut out. He describes her as a secretive, rebellious, and rough presence, and recalls the dark day when she chased him and he was hit by a car: she disappeared hours later and returned only a decade later, ill.
Employing a scrapbook aesthetic with handwritten notes, I carry Her photo with Me is a means for Sobekwa to engage both with the memory of his sister and the wider implications of such disappearances - a troubling part of South Africa's history. The book complements his wider work on fragmentation, poverty, and the long-reaching ramifications of apartheid and colonialism across all levels of South African society. Signed Copies Available.

Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body is the highly anticipated first book by artist, filmmaker, and writer RaMell Ross. Bringing together Ross's large-format photographs, sculptures, conceptual works, and selected films, together with illuminating texts by Ross and a host of writers, this ambitious publication presents a chronicle of the American South that is both mysterious and quotidian, a historical document and a radical imagining of the future.

Jacob & Sara Aue Sobol's Hunting Heart. We meet through photography. We look at each other as we look at the world. We feel the longing and the need for presence. Being close to another human being, we can reflect ourselves. Out of love, a home grows. A family. We are bound to each other forever. We are both hunting hearts in a constant search for presence, believing that despite a world in chaos, there is a place where we can love in peace.
The edition comprises 24 double sided A6 cards presented in a specially made black box embossed with gold foil and with a magnetic fastener. The cards are 10cm x 15 cm and feature 46 images printed in tritone and four colour.Each set is signed and numbered, this is the English edition which is limited to 300 copies

English Landscapes by Jean-Pierre Gilson, he has a sharp sense of composition that he deploys, with rigour and poetry. In his photographs he exploits the light, and the mist and cloud of the winter landscapes to reveal a vision of England which in many ways can appear romantic, even backward-looking, yet which is nevertheless very real and contemporary. This is a rural England that still exists - often little changed over the centuries. Signed Copies available.

Probably The biggest selection of book by Stephen Gill in the World

Yes we really do hold the biggest selection of Stephen’s books in stock many of which are out of print, there are only a couple of titles we no longer have. Amongst our stock much of which is signed, are a number of books which are log out of print and difficult to source elsewhere. All our stock is new and in perfect condition.

A couple of the rarest items we have is an original signed and numbered special edition of Hackney Wick complete with the Print and Poster, as well as signed and numbered special editions of Hackney Flowers, Archaeology in Reverse, and Anonymous Origami. These Three books were all published at the same time and are being sold together what make this set special is that each book carries the same edition number. We only have three of these sets available the were sorted and wrapped upon publication and have been safely stored since 2007. Another very hard to find book is Buried of which we only have a couple of copies left and we have just one signed first edition of Pillar.

Photo shows my personal collection of Stephen's books not stock items.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of photobooks in stock all are new and in perfect condition unless marked otherwise. You can search for a for a specific book of author in the search box above or simply search authors/photographers by the first letter of their family name.