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It has been a while since the last newsletter and a lot of stock has come and gone, I am now using instagram for new arrivals and to highlight offers, advance orders and stockroom gems please follow my instagram page to get more regular updates @phototitles_uk.

Import Charges for Overseas Customers

Overseas customers should be aware that your purchases may incur local import duties and tax, levied by your government. Payment of these charges is upon receipt and the responsibility of the purchaser. To find out how much these charges may be, you need to contact your local authority. Where possible I if known I will add the country of origin for a book to hopefully help to lessen duties.

Some Recent Stock additions

Just arrived from the publisher, we have the special Signed and numbered editions of Todd Hido's The End Sends Advance Warning and Mark Steinmetz's France 1987. Both books are housed in their own custom Slip cases and limited to just 150 copies, the Hido special edition is already out of print.

This Train by Justine Kurland, is a Limited edition of 1,000 signed copies including a signed and numbered print handmade by the artist. Printed on both sides of accordion folded pages this new publication from Justine Kurland presents two interwoven narratives drawn from the road trips across the United States that she undertook with her young child between the years 2005 and 2010. The first thread is a sequence of arresting large-format photographs of her child and herself, disentangled from the renowned images of roads, trains, infrastructure, and fellow travelers Kurland was making at the same time. Revisiting these photographs, Kurland suggests a clarified reading of them as an anti-history of family and travel, upending the conventional family album to tell a story of queer motherhood and image-making in step with Kurland's maternal line, for whom crossing the American landscape was a matter of dire necessity. I expect this beautiful book to sell out fast.

This new expanded printing of Ray's A Laugh which was first published in 1996 to enormous acclaim, Richard Billingham's Ray's a Laugh is one of the most significant photobooks of the turn of the twentieth century, as well as a cornerstone work of the Young British Artists generation. Formed of starkly intimate images of Billingham's often chaotic parental home under the heavy effects of alcoholism and poverty, the book was produced in the 1990s with editors Michael Collins and Julian Germain. This new edition restores Billingham's original vision for his deeply personal work for the first time. Including numerous unseen images and a distinct approach to sequencing inflected by Billingham's training as a painter: it constitutes a "director’s cut" and reintroduces a vital and consistently challenging work for a new era. Signed Copies Available.

Bringing together a sequence of subtle and disquieting photographs with a dozen compact short stories, Pharmakon is a surprising new work from the singular mind of Teju Cole. The photographs were taken across the globe and extend the oblique point of view he developed in Fernweh (2020). Interspersed among the images are texts that emerge like intimate signals from our age of crisis, mining further the exquisite linguistic control that characterizes Cole's novels Open City (2011) and Tremor (2023). The result is a work of strange beauty that startles and consoles in equal measure. Signed Copies available.

Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body is the highly anticipated first book by artist, filmmaker, and writer RaMell Ross. Bringing together Ross's large-format photographs, sculptures, conceptual works, and selected films, together with illuminating texts by Ross and a host of writers, this ambitious publication presents a chronicle of the American South that is both mysterious and quotidian, a historical document and a radical imagining of the future. The book opens with a series of illuminating colour photographs from Hale County, Alabama, Ross's adoptive home and the setting of his Academy Award-nominated documentary Hale County This Morning, This Evening (2018). It then moves through a series of photographic and mixed-media works and writings that examine, deconstruct, and rewrite visual representations of the South. Amidst these works, at the book's heart, is Ross's film Return to Origin, a remarkable conceptual work in which Ross freight ships himself in a 4x8-foot box a nod to Henry Brown who shipped himself to freedom in 1849. With Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body, Ross creates a new visual narrative of the South, freed from its iconic meanings to reveal the earth, dirt, soil, and land beneath. Bound with a post and screw, signed copies available.

Two new books have been added to Mack' discourse range. a series of small books in which a theorist, artist, or writer engages in a dialogue with a theme, an artwork, an idea, or another individual across an extended text. Over Time: Converstaions about documents and Dreams, by Alessandra Sanguinetti. This intimate, conversational reader transports us to the enchanted world of Alessandra Sanguinitie's photographic series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda, exploring the evolution of this celebrated work and the themes and questions it raises. Made in the countryside of Buenos Aires Province, Sanguinetti's series follows the lives of two cousins as they come of age alongside the realities of rural life. From a young age, Guille and Belinda have been Sanguinetti's collaborators, co-conspirators, and playmates, evoking the unique worlds suspended between dreams and reality that define childhood, adolescence, and eventually adulthood. Here, they reflect with Sanguinetti on the work's making and their changing relationship to it over time in an extended conversation illustrated with previously unseen images from across the years.

The other new discourse book is The Corporeal Life of Seafaring by Laleh Khaliti. The body of the seafarer is a fulcrum upon which global systems of power, longstanding maritime traditions, and gendered and racialised pressures all rest. In this vital new essay, scholar Laleh Khalili draws on her ongoing research and experiences of travelling on cargo ships to explore the embodied life of these labourers. She investigates an experience riddled with adversities - loneliness, loss, and violence, stolen wages and exploitative shipowners - as well as ephemeral moments of joy and solidarity. In the unique arena of the ship, Khalili traces the many forms of corporeality involved in work at sea and the ways the body is engaged by the institutions that engulf seafarers' lives and work. Illustrated throughout with the author's own photographs, this book takes in both scholarly and literary accounts to describe with care and imagination the material and physical realities of contemporary commerce at sea. Drawing on the insights of feminists and scholars of racial capitalism, it centres the lives of those so often forgotten or dismissed in enterprises of capital accumulation and the raced and gendered hierarchies that shape them.

The End Sends Advance Warning - Todd Hido. For over 25 years, Hido has crafted narratives through loose and mysterious suburban scenes, desolate landscapes, and cinematic portraits. With this stunning new monograph, Hido picks up where his previous title Bright Black World left off, presenting some 80 new and previously unpublished landscape photographs. The End Sends Advance Warning is beautifully printed on heavyweight art paper and bound in offset printed linen. The book also includes 9 tipped-in photographs printed on Kasadaka art paper, as well as tipped-in and laid-in booklets. A masterpiece of an artist’s book, and a must for the serious contemporary art library.

We Expect the new book France 1987 by Mark Steinmetz will sell out quickly. This wonderful collection of previously unpublished photographs by Mark Steinmetz, made some 35 years ago during an extended stay in the South of France, provides welcome insight into his earliest years as a working artist. It comprises over 60 photographs beautifully printed in duotone on Japanese Kasadaka art paper, and bound in Burgundy linen. Limited to only 1,000 casebound copies,

Cross Road Blues presents a selection of 33 photographs from UK-based Oli Kellett's iconic series of the same name. Kellett's masterful use of use of natural light and subtle composition lends a cinematic quality to these unstaged scenes. The contrast between the anonymity of urban space and the individuality of human experience reveals the artist's deep interest in the human psyche. As the writer and philosopher Nigel Warburton writes in his introductory essay for the book: “The step each person is about to take seems far more momentous than simply crossing a street”.

The second monograph on the work of Sage Sohier, Passing Time presents 57 images printed in rich duotone on Japanese Kasadaka art paper, and bound in dark brown linen. Passing Time "During the isolation of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to revisit my archive of negatives and contact sheets from the 1980s, and discovered a number of interesting images that I had never printed. These photographs were made between 1979 and 1985 in a pre-digital, largely un-air-conditioned era, when people fled the heat of their houses to hang out in their yards and on the street. I notice a kind of relaxed sensuality in many of the pictures. Time moved more slowly; restlessness led to spontaneous play. Young people back then were fit and lean from running around outside with their friends and neighbors.

This is Jeffrey Conley's fourth title with Nazraeli Press is an artist's book of the first order. Limited to just 1,000 copies, each presented in a custom slipcase of wood veneer over boards, The Shadow's Veil presents 64 of the artist's most powerful images, many published here for the first time. Beautifully printed in duotone with two distinct varnishes on natural Korean art paper, the exposed sides of the book block are painted charcoal gray and bound in unbleached linen fabric. Conley's previous book, West, was published last year on the occasion of his solo exhibition of the same title at Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre in Nice, It became out of print upon publication we do have a couple of copies of this available.

Just arrived we have signed copies of Olay Meaning 'event' or 'incident', this is a powerful chronicle of a tumultuous decade in Turkey, tirelessly documented by Emin Özmen. This first book by Özmen is a retrospective of his work to date, recounting the photographer's homeland in a ceaseless state of turmoil, hit by dramatic events: a failed coup d'état, popular uprisings, natural disasters, political purges, and ongoing military operations. This vivid and fast-paced series of black-and- white photographs is punctuated with moments of calm in the form of meditative colour images and personal texts. Swiss-bound hardcover 17 x 21cm, 192 pages

FRG by Georg Kussman, the German dramatist Heiner Müller observed that German history lies as if smothered by a rheumatism blanket: beneath there is warmth and stagnation, just enough to give the impression all is well, while the peripheries are freezing. Georg Kussmann's photographs in FRG were created under this metaphoric blanket. Made in the Federal Republic of Germany over a single summer, they depict everyday scenes of life, work, and leisure under which threats of discontent and violence simmer. Sometimes this unease is explicit in the form of physical acts or graffitied slogans, but more often it is uncannily suppressed. This signed edition includes a slip signed by the artist and glued into the inside back cover

Now out of print we have a few copies of Jeffrey Conley's third monograph, West. Published to accompany the artist's solo exhibition at the Museum of Photography Charles Nègre in Nice, France, this gorgeous new monograph presents 60 photographs of the American West, printed in duotone on Japanese Kasadaka art paper and bound in linen. Conley's first two monographs, Winter and Reverence, both sold out upon publication. Jeffrey Conley specializes in creating traditional black and white prints. His meticulously crafted prints, made utilizing traditional darkroom processes, are made in small limited editions. His work has been widely exhibited and collected by private collectors and museums worldwide.

We have Signed copies of the new book by Don McCullin, Life, Death and Everything in Between presents key photographs by Don McCullin. The 140 images in the book—some rarely published or previously unseen—were edited by McCullin through the process of revisiting his archives and reassessing photographs made from the late 1950s until last year. The book aims to be neither a retrospective nor definitive publication, but to present a selection of images valued by McCullin with the benefits of both hindsight and wisdom, encapsulating his prolific, varied and ongoing career. The book opens with McCullin's documentary photographs made in London in the 1950s, followed by reportage made in conflicts across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. More recent photographs in the book link the legacy of the Roman Empire in the Mediterranean and the latest, previously unpublished landscapes made near his home in Somerset.

Also just in are signed copies of the new book Coming and Going Jim Goldberg's unique work of autobiography. Goldberg has been photographing his daily life through all its vicissitudes and returning to his studio to re-imagine and investigate these images through a practice of collage, annotation, montage, and reconstruction for which he has become renowned. This book charts a course through the grief following the death of one's parents, the life-altering birth of a child, the heartbreak of divorce, and the rediscovery of love. Told using a correspondingly tumultuous blend of singular and combined imagery, personal notes, collages, and ephemera, the book captures the bittersweet realities of an individual life while reflecting on the universal, inescapable comings and goings that shape us and the ways we grow to understand ourselves.

We have a single copy of the Special edition of Coming and Going beautifully presented in a large calmshell box it includes a signed copy of the book, a unique tipped in polaroid, Handmade collage (50 x 30cm) and a signed and numbered print (26.5 x 33cm) Limited to just 150 copies. If this is showing as out of stock, please email as we may be able to obtain another copy.

Just Arrived from Japan Signed copies of Stephen Gill's Magnificent Failures, this softcover book was published to coincide with an exhibition and events in Japan in October. The images included in this book were created by chance during the printing of other collections of Stephen's work. In offset printing, paper is passed through the printing press when changing plates or warming up the machine to visually check ink adjustment. In order to save money, the same paper was often used, and ``Magnificent Failure'' was born by overlapping various images on the sheet. The overlapping images created an unplanned image that led Stephen to rescue the sheet from the print shop's trash can. Limited to 750 copies.

In a limited edition of 1,500 copies, each book is signed and numbered by the artist and including a 4 x 6 inch chromogenic print is Tender by Carla Williams, the winner of the Aperture First Book Award 2023. Made in private between 1984 and 1999 and kept mostly to herself for more than thirty years, the images in Tender comprise a complete, personal self-portrait of a young, queer, Black woman intimately exploring the realm of her own possibility. When Williams was eighteen and studying photography at Princeton, she began making the black and white and color portraits in Tender to create pictures in her own image. Her mind was filled equally with the canonical images of the medium's male-driven history and the posing women discovered during her youth in her father's pornography collection. Using her own body, Williams created the portraits she had never seen before. Made with instant Polaroid 35mm and 4x5 type 55 film formats

Limited to just 500 copies, Rever dans la Desert by French-born artist Valerie Galloway is bound in coffee-colored silk boards with contrasting linen spine, and beautifully printed on natural textured art paper. The 32 hand-colored, toned gelatin silver photographs featured in Rêver Dans le Désert demonstrate her disparate styles: the voyeurism of Eugene Atget, the inexplicability of Man Ray, and the furtive aimlessness of the French New Wave. These images capture both fleeting French cultural references and timeless desert topographical references, each paying homage to the surrealists of the 1930s.

In celebration of Michael Kenna's fiftieth year as a photographer, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Michael Kenna: Photographs and Stories. This gorgeous new monograph, beautifully printed on Japanese Kasadaka paper and bound in custom deep blue cloth. Kenna has selected one image for each year beginning 1973, when he enrolled in the Banbury School of Art, and for each subsequent year. Following the “Photographs” section is “Stories,” in which Kenna gives context to each image and considers how it connected to his own life at the time. We have just a couple of regular First edition which is out of print.

A Selection of Rare and Out of Print Titles

These are just a few examples of books in stock all are new and in perfect condition unless marked otherwise. Browse titles below or search for a specific book of author in the search box above or simply search authors/photographers by the first letter of their family name.

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