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Conley, Jeffrey

Code: 3899

ISBN: 9781590055892

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

New Hardcover First Edition

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“As I wandered through the Salon Paris Photo in search of fresh subjects, my steps suddenly came to a halt before the works of Jeffrey Conley. This encounter proved to be a moment of unprecedented singular beauty, an evident and unfailing sensation.

In a time troubled by so many upheavals, a window opened up before me, revealing the world’s beauty: original and powerful.

Jeffrey Conley’s photographs are a series of suspended parentheses with the living, the manifestation of waking dreams before the magic of nature, all captured through his profound sensitivity. But beyond the aesthetic appeal of Jeffrey Conley’s artwork, he also arouses our consciousness to the beauty which surrounds us. He is eternal in his wonder, discreet, authentic, and a skilled alchemist of ancient photographic processes.

In a world where the tempo of life continues to accelerate, where “The essential is constantly threatened by the insignificant,” as René Char once proclaimed, Jeffrey Conley’s art offers us a privileged and timeless interlude, which brings us to experience the harmonies at the core of nature.” — Stéphane Tallon, Director of the Museum of Photography Charles Nègre, Nice, France

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Jeffrey Conley’s third monograph, West. Published to accompany the artist’s solo exhibition at the Museum of Photography Charles Nègre in Nice, France, this gorgeous new monograph presents 60 photographs of the American West, printed in duotone on Japanese Kasadaka art paper and bound in linen. Conley’s first two monographs, Winter and Reverence, both sold out upon publication.

Jeffrey Conley specializes in creating traditional black and white prints. His meticulously crafted prints, made utilizing traditional darkroom processes, are made in small limited editions. His work has been widely exhibited and collected by private collectors and museums worldwide.

ISBN: 978-1-59005-589-2 Hardcover, 10 x 13, 80 pages, 60 duotone plates.