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Yamamoto, Masao

Code: 3307

ISBN: 9781590051474

Publisher: Steidl

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £250

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There is a bump in one corner of the book Signed by the Photographer Published by the Nazraeli Press New Masao Yamamoto's gorgeous new monograph, 'provides an ideal forum for his exquisite installations of intimate, dreamlike photographs. Working from a Zen philosophy of 'emptiness', Yamamoto makes images that are essentially vignettes of nature and our intersection with it, ruminating over the passage of time and memory. His finished prints are miniature treasures' averaging 3 x 5 inches and smaller - that are toned, stained, torn, marked, rubbed and creased. One has an experience of looking at a group of found vintage photographs, telling a familiar yet unique story. Printed on uncoated Japanese paper in an oversized format, comprises 59 photographs on 21 double-pages, including a double gatefold that opens to 52 x 16 inches. This is Yamamoto's fifth title with Nazraeli Press; A box of Ku, Nakazora, Omizuao and The Path of Green Leaves have all sold out, is limited to 2,500 copies, with a special edition of 150 copies.