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(OPB2 009) Susan A Zadeh - I

Zadeh, Susan A

Code: 3641

ISBN: 9781590055151

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £60

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Limited edition of 500 numbered copies each with a small signed print Nazraeli Press published Susan A. Zadeh?s first monograph, ?Drowned in a Dream? to critical acclaim in Spring of 2019, and we are delighted to announce her first contribution to our One Picture Book Two series. Comprising ten self-portraits made specifically for this book, ?I? is an intimate, vaguely surreal take on a timeless approach to image making, with the artist herself as the subject. Persian by ancestry and birth, Zadeh moved to France as a child, and then to Holland as a teenager. She has lived in Amsterdam ever since. Originally trained as a classical dancer, after a 12-year career at the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam she turned to photography and publishing. Zadeh became well-known as a champion of outsider artists through her seminal art magazine ?Eyemazing?, which ran from 2002 to 2013 and which received a coveted Lucie Award. Since then, she has concentrated on her own work as an artist. Limited to 500 numbered copies, each book includes a 190 mm x 130 mm original print that has been signed by the artist. ISBN: 978-1-59005-515-1 Hardcover, 210 mm x 153 mm, 16 pages, 17 four-colour plates, 1 original signed photograph.