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Magnificent Failure (Signed)

Gill, Stephen

Code: 3895

ISBN: 9784991313813

Publisher: Nobody

New Soft Cover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £35

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Signed by the Photographer

Limited to just 750 copies, our copies have been signed by Stephen.

A new collection of works produced by Stephen's label Nobody Books and POST in conjunction with OPEN HOUSE to be held at DSMG in October 2023. The images included in this book were created by chance during the printing of other collections of Stephen's work. In offset printing, paper is passed through the printing press when changing plates or warming up the machine to visually check ink adjustment. In order to save money, the same paper was often used, and ``Magnificent Failure'' was born by overlapping various images on the sheet. The overlapping images created an unplanned image that led Stephen to rescue the sheet from the print shop's trash can. Nobody Books, limited to 750 copies

softcover 34 pages, 275 x 216 mm ISBN 9784991313813 Published Nobody 2023