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Anderson, Christopher

Code: 3861

ISBN: 9781913288501

Publisher: Stanley Barker

New Cloth Flexibound First Edition

Price: £80

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Christopher Anderson began photographing his family in a completely organic way. His images were simply the natural action of a partner trying to stop time, and not let one moment of his relationships slip by.

As a photographer, he had never thought of his personal photographs as ‘work’ until photographer Tim Hetherington saw a photograph Anderson had made of his wife Marion and said, “this is about the passing of time”. Anderson began to see his personal images in a new light, and over time, would come to feel that these photographs were, in fact, his life’s work. Anderson's new book, Marion, marks the closing chapter of a trilogy of books that chronicles their lives, and loves in beautiful depth over the course of their partnership.

"It was never some sort of creative exercise. The photographs are expressions of love…a record of that expression. They are more than memories." - Christopher Anderson

ISBN — 978-1-913288-50-1 Pages — 160 Cover — Cloth Flexibound / Silk Screened Size — 22x25cm