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Brunelli, Giacomo

Code: 3812

ISBN: 9781399923873

Publisher: Tanto Press

New Hard cover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

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Signed by the Photographer

“Venice” is a new project Brunelli decided to start in response to the fragility of the city after the exceptional November 2019 "Acqua Alta". In January 2020, I decided to embark on a new project on the city of Venice as I have always been fascinated by its uniqueness, its fragility and vulnerability. In 2021, I managed to spend a few months there to complete the project, photographing this city built on more than 100 islands, no streets or cars just bridges, canals and water. I hope with this project to represent its timeless beauty and elegance. In my projects, I try to give new life to what we have daily in front of our eyes. When I photographed London, the city where I live, I tried to tell a story of a timeless and dreamlike city through the details of everyday life and I did the same “The Animals” and now with “New York”. I like to tell the mysteries surrounding everyday things.I shoot with a Miranda from the 60s (once it belonged to my father) and I have always used black and white as a form of expression.I am a fan of silver gelatin printing and find the black and white elegant, direct and in line with the type of emotions I want to convey"

Two and a half years later he has completed the project with a self-published book, published under the name of TantoPress.

Hardcover on leather 22.5x22.5cm, 64 pages ISBN 978-1-3999-2387-3