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Harryda Kommun

Johansson, Gerry

Code: 3798

ISBN: 9789198500707

Publisher: Johansson & Jansson

New Soft Cover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £36

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Signed by the photographer

Harryda Kommun provides in one volume more of a combination of the urban and the rural than you commonly get in Johansson’s work. We have signed copies.

Gerry Johansson explores the municipality of Härryda, in Sweden. Winding forest roads, terraced houses, splendid white villas and a brutal concrete house with a small porch. Here are some of the Swedish characters that Johansson's geometric and elegant vision tells in this volume released in conjunction with the project exhibition.

First limited edition of only 500 copies. Greger Ulf Nilsson has designed the book that was made when The City of Härryda commissioned Johansson to create a collection of photographs of the area. Softcover, Dimensions 171mm x 238mm, number of pages: 64