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Jacobs, Renee

Code: 3789

Publisher: Galerie Edition Vevais

New Paperback second edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £100

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Limited to only 500 signed and numbered copies. New Edition 2021, with some new pictures

Renée Jacobs´ PARIS is of course a book of nudes, but it is much more than that. It is a document of how a woman sees women in the City of Love. Renée Jacobs' photos are new in many dimensions. The new edition includes more photographs as well as a mounted image on the cover.

Hers is not a simple erotic picture book from Paris, not a new version of just another erotic book, not a new nude book, and not a new art project of the nude. This book is the very example of a photographer of the female nude who has a social vision, a vision of freedom, secrets, desires, fantasies, dreams and liberty.

The important thing here is that the artist does not simply use models for her idea of PARIS. Her art, her entire purpose, is to make a collaborative project, a project for her models, as well, models she knows, not anonymous models from a database or an agency.

Renée Jacobs' fine art nude photography gives the viewer a luxurious peek into the ultra-sensual world of the feminine. Beyond sexy, her photographs are dreamy and secretive, daring and alluring. Her subjects give Renée their trust and the result is a collaborative journey which fulfills fantasies, reveals outrageous seductions and most importantly expresses the power of woman.

Renée Jacobs' : PARIS Editor: Alexander Scholz Introduction: Prof. John Wood

Softcover with a mounted picture on the cover

B/W pictures, printed with 4 colors Approx. 140 pages, 17 x 24 cm

Limited to only 500 signed and numbered copies