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Brunelli, Giacomo

Code: 3716

ISBN: 9791091406994

Publisher: Editions Bessard

New Soft Cover First Edition

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Out of Print
Each edition limited to just 200 editions
Printed on uncoated paper using monochromatic cold inkjet.

Shooting in Hamburg, Giacomo Brunelli uses his cinematic film nior style to the full. Dark and moody the images capture Brunneli's random encounters with peole animals and the architecture. Printed on uncoated paper using monochromatic cold inkjet. "Using his very cinematic film-noir style of still photography, Giacomo Brunelli roamed the streets of the city of Hamburg, Germany, capturing a moody interpretation of its architecture, people and animals randomly encountered on the streets. By the very nature of its style, and the skillful editing and sequencing of the photographs, it seems we are witnessing scenes from a sinister story without context or words. The viewer is forced to make sense of this series, and becomes an unwitting collaborator in unraveling the mystery of the story." ? Jim Casper, Lensculture out of print.

Because each book is hand produced it nmay contain some minor imperfections in the printing or binding.

First éditions 2021 210mm x 297mm 36 pages + cover, print in Risography This first edition, part of L?Atelier Risographique,as number 1, limited to 200 copies, ISBN 979-10-91406-99-4