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New York

Brunelli, Giacomo

Code: 3713

ISBN: 9788894895315

Publisher: Skinnerboox

New Hardback First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £40

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Signed by the photographer, Limited to 500 copies. Out of Print Beautifully printed with varnish inks the images sit upon a solid black page and have the appearance of actual photographs tipped into the book. If you are a fan of Brunelli's cinematic style, this book will not disappoint. "Giacomo Brunelli stalks the streets of New York with his old film camera, often for ten hours a day, looking for characters and details that are adrift in time. His work has an air of nostalgia to it, and a film noir sensibility. The images are dark, shadowy, moody and a bit menacing ? as if we?re looking through the eyes of a night detective, a voyeur or a stalker. They provoke an unspoken narrative, offering up clues to an unknown mystery. True to his love of old things and old ways, Brunelli shoots with a 1962 Miranda camera and prints in his darkroom." - Jim Casper, for Lens Culture Edition of 500 Hardcover on leather 16,5x24cm 64 pages ISBN 978-88-94895-31-5