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Caythorpe & Frieston in Lockdown

Hall, Richard

Code: 3684

ISBN: 9781838052003

Publisher: Broadacres Publishing

New Soft Cover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

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Signed by the Photographer Self published by undergraduate photographer Richard Hall, this is the best photographic project I have seen to date taken during the UK lockdown. Hall wanted a photographic project that would get him out of the house and meet other people whilst conforming to the UKs lockdown regulations and maintaining social distancing. Hall's series of Doorstep Portraits begain as a series of a dozen or so local families in the village where he lived, photographed at their garden gate or front door; that is until word got around on social media. Hall would set off in the morning with his camera and prearranged list of appointsment, returning home several hours later with his growing portfolio of images. Between the 3rd April and 10th May, Richard Photographed 150 families within the rural Lincolnshire parish of Caythorpe and Frieston. Richard's idea of photographiong people during the lockdown really took off, it had a real postive effect on our community. Probably for the first time we realised all the different people that live in and around our community, I think this idea has brought us all closer together as a community. from the foreword by Neil Fritzsche, Chairman of Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council. This 190 page full colour self published softcover A4 book has been commercially printed and bound and contains 185 photograps of familes from this small rural community.