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Niagara (Special Ed. 2018)

Soth, Alec

Code: 3515

ISBN: 9781912339259

Publisher: Mack Books

New Hardback, Signed by the photographer

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Alec Soth, Niagara Special Edition Limited edition of 100 copies, each comprising a special poster with MACK first print run, a signed copy of the first printing of the MACK edition of the book housed in an embossed slipcase with a signed and numbered print (30x24cm) In the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut monograph Sleeping by the Mississippi, Alec Soth turned his eye to another iconic body of water, Niagara Falls. As with his photographs of the Mississippi, Soth?s pictures of Niagara are less about natural wonder than human desire. ?I went to Niagara for the same reason as the honeymooners and suicide jumpers,? says Soth, ?the relentless thunder of the Falls just calls for big passion.? Working over the course of two years on both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls using a large-format 8x10 camera, the photographs are rigorously composed and richly detailed. Soth depicts newlyweds and naked lovers, motel parking lots and pawn shop wedding rings. Throughout the book, Soth has interspersed a number of love letters from the subjects he photographed. We read about teenage crushes, workplace affairs, heartbreak and suicide. Oscar Wilde wrote of the Falls, ?The sight of the stupendous waterfall must be one of the earliest, if not the keenest, disappointments in American married life.? In Soth?s Niagara, we see both the passion and the disappointment. His pictures are a remarkable portrayal of modern love and it?s aftermath. Alec Soth (b. 1969) is a photographer born and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has published over twenty-five books including Sleeping by the Mississippi (2004), NIAGARA (2006), Broken Manual (2010) and Songbook (2015). Soth has had over fifty solo exhibitions including survey shows organized by Jeu de Paume in Paris (2008), the Walker Art Center in Minnesota (2010) and Media Space in London (2015). Soth has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship (2013). In 2008, Soth created Little Brown Mushroom, a multi-media enterprise focused on visual storytelling. Soth is represented by Sean Kelly in New York, Weinstein Gallery in Minneapolis, Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, LOOCK Galerie in Berlin and is a member of Magnum Photos. 28 cm x 32 cm, 104 pages, 44 colour plates Faux leather bound hardback with tipped in images Signed and numbered print (30x24cm)