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Pfannmuller, Gunter

Code: 3247

ISBN: 9788174366788

Publisher: Lustre Press / Rolli

New Hardcover

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"Instead of putting the Gross National Product at the center of our endeavors, let us strive for Gross National Happiness." The words of Bhutan's fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck reveal the essence of what makes this Himalayan country so exceptional. The faces in this book mirror the dignity and self-confidence of these people, including members of the royal family, monks, religious dancers, peasants, herders, artisans, children, and the elderly. Each one stepped into the portable studio of German photographer Gunter Pfannmuller, resulting in a series of intriguing formal portraits, presented here in context with scenes of daily life and the dramatic landscape of Bhutan. Hardcover: 11 x 10 x .9 inches 192 pages ISBN; 9788174366788