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Adams, Robert

Code: 3230

ISBN: 9783865219176

Publisher: Steidl

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Robert Adams - Gone 'No one wants to be a prophet, if the job can be avoided. What you want to try to be is a psalmist.' (Robert Adams) Robert Adams began by photographing suburban landscapes along the edge of the Rocky Mountains. His goal was then, and remains, to acknowledge the disappearance of wilderness but also to discover a basis for affirmation. In the 1980s he went on to revisit semi-rural areas through which he had walked as a boy - landscapes no longer pristine but still notable for their quiet, space and light. The views in this book, none published before, record some of what he found compelling. Hardcover: 128 pages, 120 plates Dimensions: 2 x 26.4 x 26.2 cm Publisher: Steidl ISBN-13: 978-3865219176