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John Blakemore (Signed Ltd Ed) - Photographs 1955 - 2010

Blakemore, John

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Publisher: Dewi Lewis

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This is the collectors edition limited to 100 copies which are slip cased, signed, numbered and come with a 10 x 8 Silver Print which has been hand printed by John Blakemore. Signed by the Photographer Photographs 1955-2010 is the first major retrospective book of the renowned British photographer John Blakemore. The book explores the extensive range of work that Blakemore has undertaken over a period of almost 60 years of visual exploration. Recognised as a master photographer, a craftsman printer and an inspirational teacher, Blakemore discovered photography in the 1950s during National Service. He was initially influenced by the style of the photographers of Picture Post but at an early stage began to explore a more personal approach to photography, developing his unique and elegant photographic style in areas as diverse as still life, documentary and portraiture. He is particularly renowned for his richly detailed and nuanced still lifes and landscapes. Over recent years he has been making exquisite hand made books, working with both black & white and colour photographs, and has made an important contribution to the craft through the many workshops he has run. As a teacher he has influenced generations of photographers over a thirty year period of teaching at the University of Derby, where he is Emeritus Professor of Photography. He has also run countless workshops both in the UK and abroad. Students and fellow photographers often acknowledge that Blakemore has 'enriched their lives beyond compare'. John Blakemore has published five previous books, the first of which, John Blakemore, British Image No. 3, was published in 1977. His work has appeared in many publications and since 1974 he has exhibited all over the world in countries as diverse as Vietnam, China, Mexico, Chile and Argentina as well throughout Europe and the United States. He has also featured in several television programmes such as Exploring Photography and World Photography. Blakemore has been the recipient of several Arts Council awards, a British Council Travelling Exhibition and in 1992 won the Fox Talbot Award for Photography. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1998 and in 2010 his photographic archive was purchased for the nation by Birmingham Central Library. clothbound hardback 272 pages, 245mm x 300mm over 280 duotone & colour photographs ISBN: 978-1-907893-12-4