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The Prairie Schoolhouse

Campbell, John Martin

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ISBN: 9780826316608

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The prairie schoolhouse was a product of the Western Homestead Era, the years beginning in the 19th century when the federally owned short grass prairies and sagebrush country were opened to farming?and the farmers all wanted their children to be educated. In 60 black and white photographs, John Martin Campbell here documents what remains of the era's schoolhouses, from an adobe prairie school in New Mexico to a slide in a Montana schoolyard, with the Gallatin Mountains as its backdrop. "Jack Campbell set out to photograph abandoned schools," Tony Hillerman writes in his foreword to the book, "but he has given us a haunting portrait of our past. It was poor, if one measures poverty in material terms, but it was happy." Author John Martin Campbell. Tony Hillerman, foreword. Publisher New Mexico Format paperback ISBN 9780826316608 Pages/Publication Date 150/1996