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Sweep out Cottage

Jones, C, Peter

Code: 2793

ISBN: 9781590050934

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £60

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Signed by the Photographer Although taken over a five-year period, the photographs in Sweep Out Cottage timelessly evoke one single summer's day in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Here, with the wistful sense of an earlier era, is evidence of two people who love the simple things in life: gardening, reading, eating and drinking in their beautiful holiday surroundings. For some years now Peter Jones and his wife have rented the sweep out cottage every July, and in this quiet colonial hamlet they have realized a dream of summer as it should be, with the breeze off the water, the fragrance of flowers and soft fruit, a good book, a favorite chair, and the breakfast table set for another idyllic day. Jones has been involved with many aspects of photography all his adult life, but it is here in Sweep Out Cottage that he has found his own true artistic inspiration. The work in this, his first monograph, is not only a celebration of a place and a way of life; it is also homage to a happy marriage and a time of blissful serenity. Beautifully printed on Japanese matt art stock, Sweep Out Cottage opens with an essay by Michael Shnayerson. ISBN: 978-1-95005-093-4 Hardcover, slipcased, 12 x 13, 56 pages, 39 four-color plates.