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Stern Portfolio #26 - Peter Beard

Beard, Peter

Code: 2476

ISBN: 9783570193174

Publisher: teNeues Publishing

New softcover First Edition

Price: £75

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Ever since the virtual overnight success of his first book, The End of the Game, Peter Beard has managed to transform the stuff of his life into beautiful and meaningful works of art. Whether he's documenting the travesty of big game hunting in Africa or reworking the detritus of his daily life into richly evocative photographic collages, Peter Beard remains one of the most revered contemporary photographers. The works in this volume, collected exclusively for Stern, showcase some of Beard's most stunning creations. Focused largely on themes of conservation and animal endangerment, and intertwined with fragments from his life and work in these arenas, this volume is an unconventional art photographer's declaration of love for the African continent he calls home. At the same time, it is an eloquent appeal to the people of the world to refrain from willfully destroying the planet.