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Anonymous Origami (Special Edition)

Gill, Stephen

Code: 2445

ISBN: 9780954940591

Publisher: Nobody

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £300

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Anonymous Origami Stephen Gill Special Edition of 100 copies Signed and numbered with a Bromide Print The photographs in this book are of folded paper from Hotels, B & B?s over the past few years. The paper were placed between pages of a book and taken back to my studio to be photographed. They were sourced from different parts of the world including ? the UK, France, Romania, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, US, Japan. Initially I was going to state the places where these were sourced as image titles but I got them all mixed up , I can still recognize one or two of them for there particular style and effort made but now they stand one step even further away from there anonymous creators. 52 pp / (Japanese fold soft back), 25 Black and White Illustrations 235 mm x 178 mm Published by Nobody ISBN 978-09549405-9-1