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The indecisive Momento (B Grade)

Waplington, Nick

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ISBN: 9781861541222

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Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions This is a 'B' Grade book abd has some bumping some copies have small tears to Dustwrapper Nick Waplington's fifth photographic book reflects a journey to locations where the aspirations of the young have become stylized by contemporary mass media. Travelling to the major growth economies of Sao Paolo, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, as well as to Cuba, Easter island and Australia, Waplington finds the long shadows of first world capitalism, and captures the transitional existence of everyday life through a Fusion of photography, writing and collected imagery. Like Waplington's other award-winning projects, this book reveals the details to the realities of life lived on the margins. As critic Carlo McCormick writes, Nick describes the ephemerality of experience in the materialist age; the whole of what's not whole in the fractured continuity of our contemporary schizophrenia. The pictures and accompanying drawings therefore represent the memento mori of a journey that charts a civilization at a moment of cultural collision.... In Nick's work it is the incidental and the monumental that collapse into a hallucinatory afterglow when caught within the boundaries of consumer culture. It is the personal and the social that have become the diametrical oppositions that skewer his insistent gaze.