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Domestic Landscapes - an introduction Manual

Teunissen, Bert

Code: 2300

ISBN: 9789081054515

Publisher: Self Published

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

Price: £300

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Domestic Landscapes: An Introduction Manual' Self Published Limited Edition of 400 numbered copies Signed by Bert Teunissen. NEW The book is spiral bound with stiff card pages, each page has been cut in such away to take one picture, the book has pages to display 15 images. There are 20 pictures that come with the book, printed single sided onto sheets of paper which fit onto the stiff card pages. The idea is that you are then able to edit and arrange the images in any order you desire. Each image is approx 370mm x 300mm The images have taken over a ten year period throughout Europe and Japan, and have been produced on large format using available light; in houses that were built pre WWII when architects were more aware of natural light and houses were built to make use of this natural commodity rather than relying on the electric light. This winter work from Teunissen's 'Domestic Landscapes project has been simultaneously Exhibited in Amsterdam (Dec to Mar)and London (Dec to Jan). The Exhibition moves to the Aperture Gallery in New York in the spring (Mar to May) to coincide with the Aperture launch of the Teunissen's book 'Domestic Landscapes: A portrait of Europeans at Home