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Common Sense

Parr, Martin

Code: 2121

ISBN: 9781899235070

Publisher: Dewis Lewis

New Hardcover, Signed by the photographer

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Common Sense Published by Dewi Lewis Signed by Martin Parr A very close up look at life and evertytnig gaudy and tacky. The contrast of content is matched with the contrast of colours of each image. These images are very different to those in Last Resort they are much more 'In Your Face' but still capture the quirky side of the British. A collection of reproductions of the work of Martin Parr, which coincided with the launch of a travelling exhibition of his work during the spring of 1999. Hilarious & Ironic - Luscious & Lurid - Parr at his best! The launch of this extraordinary book was celebrated by simultaneous exhibitions in more than 40 different cities world-wide including London, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Rome, Milan, Florence, Zurich, Stockholm, Oslo, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Montreal, Ontario, Tokyo, Singapore & Sydney. This was probably the largest exhibition of work ever held by one artist a truly global project. Internationally recognised as a brilliant satirist of contemporary life Martin Parr has led the development of the British documentary tradition with wit, style, and intelligence in a career that boasts numerous publications and exhibitions. His work is held by major galleries and museums worldwide. Common Sense combines extravagantly lurid and luscious colour with Parr's trademark sense of irony. Though hilariously funny as always with Parr's work there is a sharp and biting edge to the humour.