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Field Studies

Gill, Stephen

Code: 2055

ISBN: 9780954281366

Publisher: Chris Boot

New Hardcover First Edition, Signed by the photographer

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Field Studies Published by Chris Boot 2004 Hard Cover Signed by the Photographer. This was the first book by Stephen Gill, which will soon become out of print. Stephen Gill was the first Photographer to be put 'in the spotlight' by Phototitles. Stephen Gills photographs have all the naiive gusto of the field studies series of old. Mercifully lacking in sarcasm and malevolent irony, they are also wise and modern and beautifully laden with tiny, understated details about the way we live today -- JON RONSON This is photographer Stephen Gills guide to his world of objects, scenes and the things we do so familiar and obvious they fall below the usual threshold of peoples attention. Producing series of images in and around London since 1999 cash points, lost people, the back of advertising billboards and people gazing vacantly out of the window on the London-Southend train Gills scrutiny of the visual details of the everyday combines formal rigour with empathy towards his human subjects. Eight series are included in Gills first book with his observations and an introduction by Jon Ronson confirming his arrival as an original vision of contemporary photography.