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We have just received signed copies of Alec Soth new Book, A Pound of Pictures, is a stream-of-consciousness celebration of the photographic medium, bringing together an entirely new collection of work by Alec Soth made between 2018 and 2021. Depicting a sprawling array of subjects — from Buddhist statues and birdwatchers to sun-seekers and busts of Abe Lincoln — this book reflects on the photographic desire to pin down and crystallise experience, especially as it is represented and recollected by printed images. Each book contains five randomised replica vernacular photographs loosely inserted within the pages. There is also a limited edition of 300 copies which comes with a 10 x * signed and numbered inkjet print; and 5 original unique vernacular prints selected by Soth from his personal collection and inserted into the book, all housed in a printed cardboard box held together with coloured rubberbands. This limited edition is already Out of Print.

In Look at me like you love me, Jess T. Dugan reflects on desire, intimacy, companionship, and the ways our identities are shaped by these experiences. In this highly personal collection of work, Dugan brings together self-portraits, portraits of individuals and couples, and still lifes, interwoven with diaristic writings reflecting on relationships, solitude, family, loss, healing, and the transformations that define a life. ---Signed Copies Available---

MARVEL describes the journey of Marvel Harris' personal battles with mental illness, self-love, acceptance, and gender identity, all told through a searing collection of self-portraits spanning the course of five years. These photographs present a new-found visual language; a tool with which Marvel was able to express those emotions that, on account of his autism, he previously struggled to make sense of. “At first the focus of my project was my gender transition, but along the way I found out that it's about an ongoing search for myself: being a human with feelings, who is continuously developing.” — Marvel Harris. ---Signed Copies Available---

With his last three books quickly going out of print and commanding high collectable prices Gerry Johanssons new book "Spainish Summer" is certainly worth consideration. Spanish Summer sees him return to one of the first places that captured his imagination: the plains of central Spain. The chapel remained etched into Johansson's memory and, decades later, led him to return and rediscover the country's architectural heritage, religious significance, and beauty. With these images, a survey is conducted of a landscape into which thousands of years of cultural traces have bedded down. Johansson's exacting composition and delicate black-and-white tonalities reveal a transient territory in which telephone wires transcend hoary crucifixes, modern plaster meets timeworn stone, and the shadows of industrial megaliths reach blindly across the dust. ---Signed Copies Available---

We Have just received two titles from Renee Jacobs, both limited to only 500 copies which are signed and numbered by the artist. Jacobs fine art nude photography gives the viewer a luxurious peek into the ultra-sensual world of the feminine. Beyond sexy, her photographs are dreamy and secretive, daring and alluring. Her subjects give Renée their trust and the result is a collaborative journey which fulfills fantasies, reveals outrageous seductions and most importantly expresses the power of woman.

Paris is the recent reprint of this beautiful book from 2013, PARIS is of course a book of nudes, but it is much more than that. It is a document of how a woman sees women in the City of Love. Renée Jacobs' photos are new in many dimensions.


Polariods her latest book This is perhaps the most erotic collection of Jacobs' work to date. Jacobs turns her unabashedly playful and affirming eye onto a subject she is passionate about. She treats this very modern subject matter with the perfectly imperfect form of the Polaroid Type 55 film- a peel-apart marvel no longer in existence that provides a quirky positive, presented beautifully in a limited edition of 500 copies, each with a signed and numbered tipped in C photograph on the cover, with a handsewn open spine.

Stephen Shore's latest volume "Modern Instances" is well worth the read, With essays, photographs, stories, and excerpts that draw on Shore's decades of teaching, this is an essential handbook for anyone interested in learning more about mastering one's craft and the distinct threads that come together to inform a creative voice.

Puglia. Tra albe e tramonti offers a brilliant account of Luigi Ghirri's relationship with Puglia — a distinctive region at the heel of Italy, which was pivotal in establishing Ghirri's career and continued to inspire him throughout it. These photographs, almost all of which are little-known and previously unpublished, capture the textures and rhythms of urban life, delighting in visual coincidence and tactile detail.

In "A Field Measure Survey of American Architecture", Jeffrey Ladd uses the HABS archive as a surrogate in order to manifest a portrait of his former country at a moment when its democracy seems imperiled. Drawing from the nearly half a million photographs and documents comprising the Historic American Buildings Survey held in the US Library of Congress, this book constructs a fictional "one-way road trip" across the United States, weaving north and south across the Mason-Dixon line while tacking west. ---Signed Copies Available---

"After" was formed in the wake of the death of Martin Kollar's partner, Maria. As time slowly went by after the cataclysmic event, Kollar cautiously started to browse through his photographic archive. He was returned to the years, months, and days they spent together by the scores of materials from trips they made to location-scout and film together. These excursions into the past happened in various stages, from Kollar's original inability to bring himself to open the archive, through to periods of obsession during which he was unable to stop browsing through the multitude of photographs of his and Maria's past life. What gradually started to emerge from the pictures were hidden contexts and threads he had not seen before. ---Signed Copies Available---

"In Plain Air" is a lyrical portrait of Brooklyn's Prospect Park as seen through Irina Rozovsky's studies of its visitors, each seeking escape from the din of the city beyond. Rozovsky's colour photographs capture the interplay between city and nature, creating a vision of the park as a democratic and nurturing public space, one where the landscape and seasons form a protean backdrop to a complex social reality. ---Signed Copies Available---

Raymond Meeks latest book "Somersault" was inspired by his daughter's entrance into adulthood and her imminent departure from home, Raymond Meeks studies the centrifugal forces of the places we live; how they anchor us, repel us, and return to us; through scenes that appear both fragile and immovable. In these photographs, gardens give way to thicket, houses are suspended on stacked railroad ties, and telephone wires and train lines suggest the networks we build to find our way through the world's wilderness. Among these domestic landscapes are portraits of Meeks' daughter, which capture the introspection and inquisitiveness of early adulthood while paying tribute to the ultimate mystery of their subject's consciousness. This beautifully printed hardcover book has the pages bound in the "Fukuro toji" pouch binding style.

We have a couple of coupies available of both the Tod Hido "outskirts" and Michael Kenna's "Northern England" in stock which are both out of print, together with regular editions of each book.

Soth, Alec - A Pound of Pictures £90

Dugan, Jess T. - Look at me like you love me £40

Harris, Marvel - Marvel £35

Johansson, Gerry - Spanish Summer £50

Jacobs, Renee - Paris £65

Jacobs, Renee - Polaroids £60

Shore, Stephen - Modern Instances £120

Ghirri, Luigi - Puglia £45

Ladd, Jeffrey - A Field Measure Survey of American Architecture £40

Kollar, Martin - After £35

Rozovsky, Irina - In Plain Air £45

Meeks, Raymond - Somersault £40

Hido, Todd - Outskirts 2021 edition £60

Hido, Todd - Outskirts 2021 special edition £275

Kenna, Michael - Northern England 1983-1986 £50

Kenna, Michael - (Special Edition) Northern England 1983-1986 £250