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I have collected from the photographer signed copies of the three books in Paul Hart's Fenland trilogy, we are only selling the signed books as a set. In these three beautifully produced books Recleimed, Drained and Farmed, Hart uses tradional analogue processes and darkroom techniques to document and capture the very essence of Britains fen's. As Francis Hodgson says in his insightful introductory essay to Drained: “Paul Hart is a photographer interested in the slow harvesting of hidden truth from the ordinary places that most of us pass by … (his) placid, formally peaceful landscape is pregnant with stories that lurk in the mud or the mist. Priced at £110 for the signed set.

Stephen Gill has found a few copies of his highly sought after book Hackney Wick from 2005, these signed copies are original and brand new, however they were intially rejected by Stephen as seconds because the printing in the spine is slighly off centre and small parts or the ink line is missing. We are talking millimeters here, if you order ine of these books you will not be dissappointed with the minor error. Because of its scarcity I am also limiting this book to 1 copy per customer. Stephen Gill's Last book Pillar has had a second printing and signed copies are now available, I have also topped up on some of Stephen's limited Print Edition Book, see below. Hackney Wick £110, Pillar £60.

I also have signed copies of Richard Hall's self published book Caythorpe & Frieston in Lockdown. This is one of the best photographic project I have seen to date taken during the UK lockdown. Hall wanted a photographic project that would get him out of the house and meet other people whilst conforming to the UKs lockdown regulations and maintaining social distancing. Hall's series of Doorstep Portraits begain as a series of a dozen or so local families in the village where he lived, photographed at their garden gate or front door; that is until word got around on social media. Hall would set off in the morning with his camera and prearranged list of appointsment, returning home several hours later with his growing portfolio of images. Between the 3rd April and 10th May, Richard Photographed 150 families within the rural Lincolnshire parish of Caythorpe and Frieston. £25

We only have a few copies left of the the long overdue reprint of Paul Graham's first book, A1 - The great North Road. Despite the UK having a vibrant photographic scene at the time, there were only handful of monographic books - Chris Killip and Martin Parr had one each - and no dedicated publishers or distributors. Graham had to self-publish A1, but as the first colour book, it had a startling impact on British photography. Uniting the tradition of social documentary with the fresh approach of new colour, A1 - The Great North Road was transformative on photography in the UK and paved the way for a new generation of British colour photographers to emerge, from Nick Waplington to Anna Fox, Richard Billingham to Tom Wood. This important title from 1983 is highly sought after with original copies priced between £300 and £3000, I expect all copies of this new Mack edition to sell out quickly signed and unsigned. Signed copies of A1 will have a signed colour photograph tipped inside the rear cover. Signed copies £50

There are only have a few signed copies of Alessandra Sanguinetti’s The Illusion of An Everlasting Summer @ £60 Ron Jude's 12 Hz £60 and Tra l'altro 1976-81- images Selected from Guido Guidi's archive by Marcello Galvani, £75, and the signed copies of second Mack printing of Soth's Sleeping by the Mississippi £50 and Shore's Transparencies £80 are nearly gone too.

I was saddened a couple of weeks ago to here of the passing of one of the great documentary photographers Chris Killip, best known for his book In Flagrante, Killip said of this book“History is what’s written, my pictures are what happened.” Killip published several other books of images taken in the North of England, Ireland, and Isle of Man from whence he came. His death has prompted a spike in sales of Killip books please see below titles currently in stock.

Hart, Paul - Fens in the UK: 3 book Set :- Farmed - Drained - Reclaimed £110

Gill, Stephen - Hackney Wick (slight second) £140

Gill, Stephen - Pillar 2nd Printing £85

Gill, Stephen - B Sides (Ltd Ed) £170

Gill, Stephen - Coming up for Air (Ltd Ed) £170

Graham, Paul - A1 - The Great New Road £75

Hall, Richard - Caythorpe & Frieston in Lockdown £25

Sanguinetti, Alessandra - The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and The Illusion of an Everlasting Summer £100

Jude, Ron - 12 Hz £60

Guidi, Guido - Lunario £75

Shore, Stephen - Transparancies (Signed) £200

Killip, Chris - Isle of Man revisited £40

Killip, Chris - Seacoal £38

Killip, Chris - In Flagrante Two £140

Killip, Chris - Here comes Everybody £55